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From left: Owner of Tattoo Super Shop Sheila

Middel: Female Artist Genessa

Right: Top Class Artist Draz

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Full leg Tattoo by Artist Draz.

In our Studio, we only use the best equipment, top of the line Ink, Needles and Tattoo Machines, Tattoo Super Shop exclusive import.



Ricson is National & International winning Artist.

Here a Black & Grey sleeve in progress, on a customer from USA.

8 Artists are connected to TUSH1, so no matter what design you want! We got the Artist.





Hello, to New and Old Customers

TUSH 1 was founded in Scandinavia 1995. We open up in Manila Philippine 10 years ago.

Our goal was always! Be #1 Importer and Retailer of genuine Tattoo equipment, and at the same time sponsor some of the Best Tattoo Artists in Philippines.


In 2008 Tattoo Super Shop was live with new shop and the only real online web-shop for quality Tattoo equipment in Philippines.


TUSH1 Tattoo Studio is a part of Tattoo Super Shop, our sponsored Artists make sure, you get a unique Tattoo of highest quality.


All our Artists is Award Winning in National & International Tattoo Competitions.


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Remember! Evrything is under same roof, so you can see massive stock of high quality Tattoo equipment, the only place in Philippines to experience this.

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